Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Longmont Roofing Company



Choosing a roofing company for roof maintenance, roof repairs, or roof replacement services can be daunting, and with Longmont having plenty of choices, it’s important to gather as much information about the roofing company before making a final decision. A roof project is intended to keep your greatest investment protected, so verifying the credentials of a Longmont roofing company before hiring can make the decision-making process much easier.

If you need a Longmont roofing company for an upcoming residential roofing project, research goes a long way. Searching the web and social media for online reviews is a great way to start, and once you’ve narrowed the search, here are some important questions to ask before hiring:

How Long Has Your Company Been in Business?

As with any industry, roofing companies can come and go, so finding a roofing contractor that has been around for a while suggests a solid reputation and satisfied customers. While the length of time a roofing company has been operating is an important factor, don’t dismiss a newer company as long as they can provide adequate, verifiable credentials and experience in the industry.

Is Your Company Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

This is probably the most important question you can ask your roofer, as Longmont codes require roofing contractors to be licensed and carry adequate insurance to perform their trade. Workman’s Comp Insurance protects the contractor should they become injured on the job, and General Liability protects your property against damages. If the roofing company you are considering is reputable, they won’t mind providing you with a Certificate of Insurance that includes your name and address, listing you as additional insured. If it’s questionable, don’t hesitate to verify the contractor’s coverages with their insurance company.

What Roofing Materials are Best for My Home?

Because homes in Longmont, CO are subjected to high winds, hailstorms, and heavy snow, it’s important to install materials that are built to withstand these elements. A competent roofing company will not only know that certain climates require certain roofing applications, but they will also provide comparisons of the materials to help determine what works best for you and your budget.


How Long Will My New Roof Last?

If a prospective roofing company can’t tell you that your new roof, depending on material, will last 25-50 years, keep looking. Today’s roofing materials are made to last, so if a roofing company won’t guarantee a minimum of 25 years, it’s likely they lack the confidence in their work or don’t want to be held accountable in the future, both of which are huge red flags.

What Type of Warranties Do You Offer?

Today’s roofing materials are typically backed by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, at minimum. A roofing contractor who is certified to install certain products, such as GAF or Certainteed can usually offer extended warranties for those products at an additional cost. Most roofing companies also provide a warranty on workmanship. Ask prospective roofing companies what type of warranties they offer to better determine the right company for your needs.

Can I Get an Estimate in Writing?

Before signing a contract, it’s imperative to get a written estimate that outlines the costs involved with your roofing project. Every detail, from removing and disposing of the old roof, to replacing rotten plywood should be listed, along with the fees for each task. This written document will not only provide you with an idea of what your project will cost, it will also protect you from ‘the unexpected’ down the road.

Will You Be Removing My Old Roof?

Some roofers make it a practice of adding a layer of new shingles to the existing roof, which they claim saves time and money, and while this process is acceptable in most states, it’s not a good idea. It’s imperative that the existing roof be removed in order to identify and correct any issues that can’t be seen, otherwise. Ask the roofing company if they will be removing the existing roof to ensure that you’re getting the most for your money because unseen problems, when left unchecked, can result in major damages and costly repairs down the road.

How Long Will My Roofing Project Take?

Roofing projects are a big undertaking, but an experienced roofing company should be able to complete the task of replacing or installing a new roof within 1 to 3 days, depending on the size of the structure. If the company doesn’t commit to a reasonable time frame, it’s in your best interest to keep shopping. Keep in mind that certain factors, such as inclement weather, can interfere with a roofing project, so try to schedule accordingly.

Will Your Company Keep My Property Free of Debris?

A respectable roofing company will provide a refuse container to collect old roofing material and go the extra mile to make sure no debris, such as rotted wood, damaged shingles, or old nails, are left on the premises. When the project is complete, the company should also be responsible for the removal of the container. Be sure to confirm this important detail before hiring.

Who Should I Contact with Questions or Concerns?

Not only should a local roofing company be able to provide a physical address and phone number, but they should also give you the name and number of someone on site that you can speak to, if the need arises. Be wary of a company who isn’t able to provide you with this pertinent information.

In addition to these questions, don’t hesitate to ask for referrals from clients. A reputable roofing company will be more than happy to accommodate your requests and respectfully answer any questions you may have.

A good rule of thumb is to collect multiple quotes from different companies to compare pricing, but keep in mind, cheaper isn’t always the best way to go. Contractors offering their services at considerably lower prices than the average should raise an eyebrow because, chances are, they don’t carry the required credentials or use quality products, resulting in wasted time, money, and potential risks down the road.

Most importantly, read the contract before signing. This will give you the opportunity to address any questions or concerns and amend the terms before making a final commitment.

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